We all know how powerful Twitter is when it comes to doing business online. Business and advertisement on Twitter platform is usually attractive since the platform has great reach as the number of twitter users joining the platform are three times larger than the number of registered users. Twitter offers an extensive audience base and also lets you seek new users who are interested in a particular industry. So let’s explore and understand how to leverage Twitter’s power for your own brand.

What is Twitter Marketing ?

If you want to accelerate your brands’ growth on Twitter, it’s a mandate to first understand the basics. So you must be wondering what is Twitter Marketing? Twitter marketing is an idea wherein brands channel their revenue into creating a strategy to drive traffic, engagement and sales. A plan to create and distribute relevant content to reach its target audiences and also to build a community that is interested in its brand—and to further generate leads.

Twitter, in many ways, is a great marketing platform highly effective for brands focusing on and not limited to media, industry and B2B sales. Many minutest details can lead to the success or failure of your Twitter strategy. For example, what you post is equally important when you post it. It’s vital that you release content when your target audience is likely to see it.

Twitter Marketing Strategy

In the ever-evolving social media landscape, you will find numerous reasons to make Twitter Marketing Strategy a significant part of your organization’s digital transformation. For creating an effective and targeted Twitter marketing strategy there are many steps involved.

Research about the audience and behavior

After researching who your target audience find out how they operate on their Twitter handle. Then find out how much time they spend on the platform and what channels are popular among them

Audit your Twitter account on a regular interval

Evaluate your strategy and keep changing your content on a regular interval and see what works best for your brand. Also, create a short term goal that fits into your company’s marketing scheme.

Find your Twitter voice

Voice tweets are the coolest feature that play in a new window that stays docked at the bottom of your screen.

Use Twitter Hashtags and Trends

Using industry-specific hashtags can help you make your brand more visible to reach a broader audience base that is not in your follow list. This also boosts your brand’s discoverability and reach of your content.

Understand what kind of content reverberates with prospects

The style of tweets that usually get high attention differs from industry to industry, so review the content that your audience is interested in to understand your prospects better. It’s better to create your own engaging content that caters to your specific industry needs.

Utilize Twitter Ads

Find a different stream of ads on Twitter, such as Follower Ads, including Promoted Ads, and Trend Takeover. All these features help in promoting content, just like organic content. When you like, follow and retweet your audience may see your brand’s name associated with that content.

Find Out When to Tweet

Perfecting the time of when to tweet makes a big difference. Social media success isn’t just an art; it’s important to choose the right timeline in order to crack the code

Schedule Tweets Aligned with the Relevant Themes

Make sure you reach out to your audience on special holiday dates, sports events, and current happenings. Also, include tweets on special deals or promotions your brand is doing for a holiday.

Engage With Your Followers

To increase your followers make sure to share relevant and informative content, focus more on visual content and tweet continuously to interact with your audience.

Focus on Specific KPIs & Results

You can only track your success rate once you measure it. Keep track of your KPIs to see how well your posts are performing. Make use of Twitter Analytics to find out the key results of your tweets. Check on Engagement, Retweets, Follows, Website traffic, Brand awareness, and sales.

Set Measurable Twitter Goals

Know your Twitter goals that you need to prioritize for social media marketing to boost your engagement. To help achieve big things on this platform effortlessly craft a content strategy, share tweets that are high-quality, valuable, and keep an eye on metrics if you want to see great results.